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The What:Indoor Skydiving Alternative The Where: Missouri River Valley Skydiving The Premier Center for Indoor Skydiving Alternative in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS.

Kansas City Indoor Skydiving Alternative

This si the premiere spot for information about Indoor Skydiving Alternative

Tom Dolphin, the owner of MRVS – Missouri River Valley Skydivers, has been involved with all aspects of skydiving for over 30 years. He is one of the nations foremost authorities in and is known as the ‘Go-To” guy – around the globe – when it comes to information regarding all aspects of Indoor Skydiving Alternative.

Tom’s number one priority when it comes to skydiving is SAFETY! Your safety is his number one priority! Please understand that skydiving is an adult sport that carries certain risks. Who would you like to help you with that risk? Someone that has been in business for 35 years, or 3 years!

Indoor Skydiving Alternative and Missouri River Valley Skydivers have the necessary information and staff and equipment to train you and get you into the air in a timely manner. You will not have to spend your day waiting to see if you will get to jump. About the only part beyond our control is the weather.

A little bit of background and why we are confident at Missouri River Valley Skydivers in out ability to answer any questions you may have about Indoor Skydiving Alternative. We originally started as the KAMO Skydivers over 40 years ago, and Missouri River Valley Skydivers has been in business for over 30 years in the same location!

The Ka-Mo Sport Jumpers were established in 1959 and jumped at the Northern Airport, a private field with grassy runway about 12 miles west of Kansas City on U.S. 24-40.

Skydiving at that time was one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. Sport Parachute jumping began in the US in about 1956, the sport had been developing in France 20 years earlier. The club operated at this location until late 1968 after two accidents the operation became somewhat dormant for two years from the loss of the members. KaMo then began to operate again in 1970 at Edgerton, Kansas.

In 1974 the club left Edgerton and splintered into two groups one jumping at the Suburban Airport in Kansas and the other locating at the Lexington Airport in Missouri. Late in 1979 the Suburban operation ceased with the closure of the airport making Lexington the only operation. In 1981 KaMo ceased to operate as a club and was reorganized as they are today as Missouri River Valley Skydivers Inc. Missouri River Valley Skydivers / KaMo have been in continuous operation at the Lexington Memorial Airport since March of 1974 and have help set standards in the industry in regards to any aspect of Indoor Skydiving Alternative.

Several Ka-Mo, and Missouri River Valley Skydivers sports jumpers have competed at US and World skydiving meets. Danny Payne, a Kansas City fireman was a member of a 4-man team that took second in accuracy competition in 1967 at the national U.S.P.A. meet. Skydive MRVS fielded a 4-way team that placed 4th at the US Nationals in 1984. Also many MRVS / KaMo members have been members on world record skydives for formations, and CRW events to include the world meet in 1993.

Food For Thought:
I have already heard all of the “excuses” for your decision! I know them I made most of them up myself! What we are searching for here is a “reason!” When you are under canopy, you get to decide how you land! Fast and Hard! or Slow and Soft! Now choose!

Did you notice that when you arrived that the DZ that it didn’t look like an Amusement Park? That’s because it is not! Question: What is the fudge factor in your 220 pound weight limit? Answer: 220 Pounds! There is no fudge factor when it comes to Indoor Skydiving Alternative.

Over 250,000 new persons try this sport each year! There are 31,000 licensed jumpers in the United States! Do the math! This is Fighter Pilot School! In every activity that you have pursued up until now, if you made a mistake you got a do over! In Skydiving if you make a mistake we call the coroner! No do overs in skydiving!

The Aircraft, Equipment, Staff, and Training programs have all been tested and proven many times! You! as a first timer represent the weak link in this chain! Especially in any aspect of Indoor Skydiving Alternative there is no room for guessing.


This May Seem Harsh, But It’s Reality When It Comes To Indoor Skydiving Alternative – We have Not Lost anyone yet and we are not to to allow you to kill us! If you are considering any aspect of this sport, Missouri River Valley Skydivers is the place! If you have any Question about Indoor Skydiving Alternative, Kansas City resident or not – please take the time to call us and get your questions answered BEFORE a mistake is made.

Indoor Skydiving Alternative is by far the the topic I love the most and the best sport there is!
Thank you. Tom Dolphin.

Staff & Instructors

All of our instructors are USPA-certified professionals with over 100,000 skydives between them!

The United States Parachute Association issues ratings for Coaches, Accelerated Freefall Instructors, Tandem Instructors, PRO-ratings for demonstration jumpers, and Examiners for all of the ratings. At Skydive Mrvs, every instructor must hold multiple ratings and demonstrate professionalism and experience before being considered for work with students.

Training Class Sehedule

Missouri River Valley Skydiving Center is the regions ONLY Full-Service Parachuting Center. Located on a private airport dedicated to skydiving, we are located just 30 minutes from downtown Kansas City. We have 160 Plus Acres of room to play! Full Facilities and Sleeping Quarters are Available.

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