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Making a Skydive - Pure EXHILARATION!

After Your 'Airgasm' Has Subsided, You'll Quickly Discover For Yourself Why Birds Sing! The Different Modes of Flight You Will Experience Cannot Be Put Into Words Appropriately. Schedule Your Flight Package Today and Come See What We Mean - Call 816-892-2579 for Full Details

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Tandem Jump Sky Diving Kansas City

"The Absolute Best Experience of My Life! Missouri River Valley Skydiving has Completely Changed My Life!" Wes Harrison - His First Parachute Jump, 3 years ago, was a Tandem Jump and now he has over 200 more jumps since.

Tom Dolphin, owner of, Sets The Industry Standard. There are no other go to guys because he IS the go to guy that the other providers come to. Not only has he personally been involved in the sport for over thirty years, but he holds and maintains the highest credentials possible. Your safety is his primary concern, and your enjoyment of a life altering experience is his Life's objective.

Staff & Instructors

All of our instructors are USPA-certified professionals with over 100,000 skydives between them!

The United States Parachute Association issues ratings for Coaches, Accelerated Freefall Instructors, Tandem Instructors, PRO-ratings for demonstration jumpers, and Examiners for all of the ratings. At Skydive Mrvs, every instructor must hold multiple ratings and demonstrate professionalism and experience before being considered for work with students.

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Missouri River Valley Skydiving Center is the regions ONLY Full-Service Parachuting Center. Located on a private airport dedicated to skydiving, we are located just 30 minutes from downtown Kansas City. We have 160 Plus Acres of room to play! Full Facilities and Sleeping Quarters are Available.

Static Line Training Starts at 8:00 am
Tandem Classes Start at 8:30
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